Senin, 25 Agustus 2008

Simple Villa Bahasa Indonesia

A house which was very interesting. We just had to appreciate it. At the beginning, we were stunned, because the ambience that was brought by the house feels different from other houses nearby.

villa 1

The look of the house from the street view didn't want to show the intention to directly expose itself to the public, but just by giving 'seducer' to the eyes that passing by.

villa 2

Deeper inside, the dried plant seemed to ornament the pathway to the house. A very nice sequence.

villa 3

The bamboos didn't look very strong, but they gave 'unusual' expression to the look of the sequence. Becoming one with the plant, gave a transparent look and more curiosity to the facade of the house.

villa 4

The end of the journey shown by the pathway was the facade of the villa house. Simplicity that 'kills'.

by Probo Hindarto
© Copyright 2008 astudio Indonesia. All rights reserved.

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