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Dried plants with refreshing look

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1 September 2007 - If you want your home to be close to nature, there is an idea you might want to consider in the arrangement of your interior rooms: adding dried plants as an accessory. The appearance can be beautiful compared to artificial plants. Dried plants will not require so much maintenance, too.

There are many interior and furniture producers create this product that you can choose from many options. Dried plants helps giving natural nuance inside your home. Yes, of course it is better to see real living plants, but dried plants is coming from nature, too.

A living room in the above picture gets its natural and fresh nuance from dried plants on a box with rocks. This dried plants seem to blends very well with the room with brown and pink colors. The appearance is so aesthetic and give a beautiful contribution to the room.

To make this accessory on your own, is easy. Just find a nice shaped twigs, can be from around your house or neighborhood, or you may plan to visit special natural place like woods to find the best. Sometimes we can find it just around our home.

An artwork inside glass container in the above picture can also give you inspiration. This artwork is not only nice to see, but also give an art touch for your home. If you want this kind of artwork, it is very easy, just put a hole on your wall and cover the interior side with mirrors, and put in beautiful twigs inside it.

Well, good luck with your new ideas!

by Probo Hindarto
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