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Solar energy for household purposes Bahasa Indonesia
You must have heard a lot about  Photovoltaic energy source. This system generates sunshine into electrical energy. Conceived as a new and friendly source of energy that does not produce air pollution, this power generator represent considerable choice due to attenuate oil supply.
(photo by Mike Spasoff, under CC license)

Unhappily this system price is still high, because the equipments especially the solar cell still has to be delivered from outside country (from outside Indonesia). The amount of enerty is yielded from the width of the panel area. It means if the panel is small, it will just yield small amount of energy. The use of this energy source is less beneficial compared to the use of ordinary electric source or diesel, reckoned by the expense of yielded electrics amount (Mr. Priyadi calculate it here, though he uses foreign standard of solar cell electric calculation). As a result; solar energy become less popular choice among Indonesians.

Nevertheless, choosing solar cell energy source has an advantage which is not available from conventional energy source (from fuel), because this energy source does not generate pollution. If you have the ability to make this power source as alternative, consider the followings;

  • This energy source is environmentally friendly
  • It does not generate pollution
  • it does not consume oil
  • it can be placed in any location that is difficult to be reached by the network of power supply
  • it has the flexibility to be placed in roof or separate place using pillar
  • Electric energy can be stored in battery
(Photo by Richard Masoner, under CC license)

One example of solar cell supplier in Indonesia, is a company selling solar cell for household purpose, who offer price about 5 millions rupiahs for a package of electric panels accompanied by various supporting equipments like converter unit from DC to AC, battery, MCB, lamp, et cetera. All of this package can be installed for household purpose for 100 till 2000 WH per day, which can be used for lamp, radio, tape and TV.

The government ought to improve research into development of solar cell energy so that price of the system can be decreased and enjoyed by more people. The important of solar energy cell as alternative source of energy is because oil supply will be attenuating in years ahead.

by Probo Hindarto
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