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Anatomy of a place (architecture)

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Anatomy is a part of science that study the structures of parts. In Indonesia, there are books about elevation anatomy, plan anatomy, cut/slice anatomy and others.

Anatomy of Library plan and behaviour

How people behave inside a library room?

Anatomy Sight view of Lake

When passing trough a lake on a way to other city early before night with our vehicle, we found there are a lot of people sitting at the border of the lake's bridge. The reason is more definite after a few moment we sit on the border of the lake by the same reason we think they have, the view of the sunset is fantastic. How do people behave when they encounter the beauty of the sight? While they are just passing by the bridge with vehicle and suddenly encounter this beautiful sunset? Some people are stopping right away and join like what we did, while others are not really interested. Some might have a plan to visit the lake and enjoy the sight.

Old house anatomy

An old house that we're tying to capture with our pen (when we don't bring a camera, what else will we do but making these notes?).

Journey anatomy

After some long journey between some cities in Indonesia, under some moving images inside my head leaving a bit vertigo, I was trying to capture the images with my pen, and the result is ... it was a vertigo ... drawn on a paper (the image will also make you dizzy, Wonder why?). Houses, gas stations, people, trees, bridges, cemetery, and lot more.

My 11 years old nephew ask me, 'What's that uncle?'. I said that it was my drawing of the journey I just have, and she think it's quite nice drawing (and you might see that the drawing is really naïve, kids might like it). Then she told me about the journey she has everyday to her school nearby, that I then ask her to draw what she think about the 'journey' to her school, and there it was, the above drawing is the drawing.

by Probo Hindarto
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