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Dangerous building material in homes Bahasa Indonesia

Do you know that children are 30 times more sensitive to house material pollutants inside a house?

We all wants our home to be the best place to support our health. The entire family lives inside a house, that makes it important to take care of our health. In choosing building material, we need to consider the health and safety factor of building material, because building materials vary more and we should choose healthy ones.

Sometimes people are not aware of the danger of building materials that may cause many disease, especially building materials from industry, like industrialized wood, particle board, paint, plastic pipes, etc. These building materials may cause many disease like cancer, respiratory problems and disease, skin disease, and others. The most victims are the people inside the house, because everyday they have to live with these dangerous materials, especially children.

With many dangerous building materials around us, the danger will always be there without being noticed. This is why new building occupants often suffer from headaches, queasy, feeling stressed, and other symptoms that may occur because of home pollutants.

Choosing materials for your home

Choosing material can have a big impact on our heath, because from building materials that produces pollutants, many disease and symptoms may occur. Some dangerous building materials are;

Paint finishing, industrialized wood, metal finishing, may contain formaldehyde, material that contains poisonous gas. This may cause blood poisoning, allergic reaction, asthma, respiratory disease, and carcinogenic. Because this material is often used for building and wood material like paint, glue, and others, it is quite possible that it will be the main source of pollution inside a house. Suggestion for this, we better not occupy a house that is just finished (for example; just being painted) until there is no smell of formaldehyde. Normally, the gas emission of this material will stay in the house for 6 - 12 months. In this case, we should maximize the use of room ventilation so that the gas will be neutralized by fresh air.

Right now there are many building materials that is water based and more environmentally friendly because it has very low chemical substance. Many healthy building materials are there in the market. These healthy materials are usually taken from nature and not industrialized and added with chemicals.

by Probo Hindarto
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