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DeDaunan - small resort place

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Green open space... a beautiful and fresh garden. This place is named 'deDaunan' (leaves), a place to break free from everyday stress. Placed in a humid garden on a slope of a mountain, the whole area was arranged with environmentally friendly architecture, natural and beautiful. The buildings are made of natural materials like wood, bamboo and exposed brick. The sound of water everywhere make us forget the burden of work in the city.

A place to relax with your family or the person you love. The architecture of the building is natural and make a dialog with the environment. Because they are made of natural materials, then it blends with the woods and leaves.

Full with facilities to enjoy nature, this place is so alive.

The open dining tables can be used for meetings, supper, and other occation.

Many rooms for staying. Many people stay here in the weekend.

Bungalow that is made of wood. According to the manager, foreign people love this small houses, they can hardly leave. Because in where they come from, there is no green and authentic building like this.

Enjoying the bungalow with the view of fields. We think it fits honeymooners.

Toilets becoming interesting because it is built outside. Remind us to the village houses in Java.

The beauty of nature and the built environment, can be an inspiration for us when designing a house or a resort.

In here, we can also find interesting local crafts, like wares, masks and batik, to bring home.

by Probo Hindarto
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