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Frateran Bunda Hati Kudus (Church) Bahasa Indonesia

20 Feb 2007

A school that was built by Dutch Colonial in Indonesia. This kind of building is a heritage and considered precious in Indonesia. The cultural meaning of this building is a manifestation of historical consciousness.

In many cases, we often found that old building built by Dutch colonial being destroyed because the owner didn't like it anymore. This reason may have a bad impact on historical sites appreciation. The character of the buildings sometimes become a part of local identity, to have an influence on new designs.

In this case, in every local government otonomy, there will be a need of special rules to protect colonial buildings as historical heritage. We often hear excuses of building owners that are not acceptable in historical preservation point of view. In many cases, the old houses are converted into new buildings with latest trend, like Mediterranean or Minimalist style. Conservation of colonial buildings is necessary, because it has historical value.

It is a part of architect's profession to conserve the mission to save the buildings. The government also has to make complete database of historical sites, and make rules due to new building characters.

Luckyly, in the case of this building we visit, is very well maintained. With exposed brick material, this old school building looks strong and powerful. Many windows make nice rithm, and often found in Dutch colonial buildings.

Beautiful detail of the window. We find here a kind of church architecture, stained glass (it must be beautiful inside), in a high and powerful manner.

Building facade with windows, doors and openings that become a typical Dutch architecture for education building.

One of window design with jalousie that can be opened outside, with glass panel to be opened inside. Above it there is concrete slab which reinforced by steel wires. Above it, there are small windows for natural lighting. The air inside is fresh because very thick walls, and with good natural air conditioning.

Statue of the Saviour, being placed at the highest place in the building, to be a point of view of the whole facade.

This appearance reminds us to old schools in Europe, that has certain character. Notice the windows on the second storey, it has jelousie for air conditioning.

by Probo Hindarto
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