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a Russian Posters Exhibition

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September 2007

Seeing the world in different way is the right of everybody. There is no such thing so absolute in human nature. These colorful posters might be of inspiration for us. That there are different space and thoughts out there.

Held by Togamas bookstore, these Russian Posters Exhibition reveal the slogans of the communists. These posters are mostly for political purposes, because everything was made for the people. The old posters were supposed to burn the spirit of the socialists and their society. The newer ones were made to cope with latest world issue. The above poster can tell us about the image of worker, as representation of the proletarian. In Russia when it was still socialist republic, everybody is a worker.

after the war, make peace.

symbol of the Proletarian against Bourgeoisie. Or can be a symbol of the socialists against capitalists.

Cosmos will serve the people. Yuri Gagarin image.

Posters of Coca-cola, Adidas and McDonald represented in Russian way. The latest read; "You! Have you sign as a volunteer?"

"Proletarian in the universe, unite!". The picture of the workers marching together could be the representation of 'there is nobody above all else". The interpretation of Marxism.

Hail the red army! Proletarian military revolution

by Probo Hindarto
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