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Skylight, Light at home

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That evening, while showing some papers of design that we were discussing, I explained the need of light to enter the rooms that doesn't have windows.

"If the room doesn't get enough natural light, we can use skylight", I said.
"Skylight? What is that?", ask my client.
"It's a kind of hole for sunlight to enter dark rooms", I explained.
"O, so natural light will still be in... that would be good", said my client.

Skylight is similar to windows at the roof, attic. The function is to let natural light enter the room, usually because there is no window in the room and site limitation.

"So, how will the skylight be? I see at my brother's house, the skylight using hole at roof, and covered with fiber glass," my client said.
"Yes we can do that, we can also use glass," I replied, "So there will be aluminum frame put on the concrete deck, upon that we put glass."
"So, like that. Wouldn't it be hot?"
"Ehm, I think not, if we can use just a little sunlight at daytime, and it will be shadowed by the roof beside it", I explained.

Skylight also a solution for natural air, if needed. Usually skylight is made of glass that should use a kind of frame, made of aluminum, space between cover and concrete can be used to flow air.

Usually skylight is made when natural air flow is sufficient already, because if not, skylight doesn't have to be covered with glass so its presence will be the source of air in the house as well as source of light. Usually there is also garden beneath it so it will be an inner court.

In designing tropical house, skylight is one solution for natural air and light, especially for rooms that are lack of windows.

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