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Tips to buy furniture Bahasa Indonesia

Photo by Tilton Lane, used under Creative Commons lisence

29 Juli 2006 - Buying furniture can be a bit perplexing, if we do not have an idea how to choose a furniture, we might end up with a peculiar room.

First step is to take a little survey of the room where we should put the furniture. Take a look at what color it has, its width, its ceiling height, room accesories and other things that is included in the theme that you choose, like classical theme, modern, or mediterranean.

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Photo by decor8, used under Creative Commons lisence

For small rooms, use 'light' furniture, or small ones. This might be furniture with steel or wood frames. Small room can be big enough if the furniture fit it well. Furniture can be combined with wall colors. Ideally, furniture colors might have similar tone colors with the wall painting or other elements of the room. If you have a creme wall, using furniture with monochrome creme or the close tone will be the safest choice. You can see some colors below:

These colors can be the basic colors or turned into pastel or darker colors. For maximum result, use interior designer for your room.

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