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Using ramp for your home Bahasa Indonesia

Ramp at a house designed by Yudianto

Ramp is tilted plane, in the phisics science often called 'machine' to move mass. Ramp system has been used in ancient Egypt to build pyramid, by making ramp to move big stones of the pyramid. Basically ramp is used to replace stairs, to move human or things from lower level to upper level. At stairs we walk by stepping on staircase, then in ramp we move up by walking on the tilted plane.

Ramp is popular in home design, because ramp makes it easier to move to upper level and it won't make you exhausted, only it needs more distance where there is a positive side of it; we will be forced to walk at more distance that it might make us more healthy. Ramp also has special and unique aesthetic impression.

Ramp may replace the stair if you want different world coming in to your home. One thing to know; it takes a lot of space in your home, and the long size needs more attention. The slope of the ramp should not be above 10 degree, so it will still be comfortable to walk on the ramp. The position of ramp inside the house can be in where the view is the most interesting, because it is farther than usual stair, a great view might be an interesting idea.

Example of ramp use:

On this example, the ramp is place in front area of the L shaped house.

On the above plan design, ramp in front of the house makes it possible for the occupants to go straight into second floor, where there is family room (orange area). This ramp is also connected with stair area to living room area in second floor (creme area). The use of this ramp is more comfortable because it does not need stair to get to second floor.

by Probo Hindarto
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