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Changing the ambience of your living room; into soft and cozy one

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The soft feeling of a room can be achieved from a good interior design. Softness can welcome everyone inside a room with pleasure, and we can put some design principals to design a favorite room like this living room. The soft feeling of this living room is interesting, not only because it has calming situation, but also elegant, not crowded, and invite us to sit and chat. Even so, this room is not feminine also because it uses masculine accent, like black and red.

The room quality and the soft side of it at least has the character as follow:

  • Colors that is used inside the room is soft and around pastel colors, white, with warm colors, but also can be enhanced with strong colors like black, red, green as the above example. Neutral colors like black, grey, brown and green do not ruin the whole scheme, because these colors are easy and good to be combined with other colors in the whole color scheme.
  • There is a transparancy of the curtain where sun light may enter the room and make the curtain look strong but soft.
  • Sunlight from outside become the main source of light inside the room to create dark-light interesting ambience
  • Sofa material, cushion, and curtain look soft, the material used is dove and not shiny. Shiny materials like metal will create a 'cold' visual sensation. In this matter, the dove material will help to create soft look.

You might be interested to implement the design principles to create new ambience inside your living room. Beside, if you want to change your living room, this below tips might help you;

if your room looks dirty or dusty, see it for a while, what may be the cause. It could be the old paint flaked, dull, dusty or become home of spider webs
If it is the paint, you might have to consider repaint the wall. Many wall paints are available and we can choose from whatever we need. For soft look, choose from pastel colors, white, or bright colors. We can make one wall as accent by implementing different color.
Re-check if you want to change your curtain, pillowcase, carpet, and other accessories inside the room. Changing these ornaments may give drastic changes that will make it look fresher.
Change your plastic flowers, paintings, photos, frames, and other things with new and fresh artwork or paintings with new colors.

After doing these, you can be sure that your living room, bedroom or other room inside your home will be fresh and interesting. We can use these ideas to welcome holidays.

by Probo Hindarto
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