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Tropical house concept: Planting grass on yard; How fresh!

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1 December 2007 - Grass yard, or to be called green space around our home or other building like working place and offices is considered important to more people. There are even people who bring down old part of building to put grass yard inside their home. Isn't it a pity if we have land left but not being used? Who knows a garden can help us more relax in daily life, because of gardening hobby. Spend some time to water fresh grass can be a cure for stressful mind, even inspiring. There's also an architect who got inspiration of home design when he water the plants.

Neighbor's grass is not always greener... if we can plant more grass on our yard. If you ever visit tropical resorts, in this kind of place there is usually green grass all over the place and well maintained nature.

Having green yard is great, because if we want to relax on our yard, grass can be a carpet so we can sit there, even lay down and gather with family.

Basically, it is a need to have a green area in our house, because houses with only building can not give more contribution to our health. Rooms becoming unhealthy, no fresh air, etc. If we have garden, even small garden with green grass, then it will create contribution to our home and more oxygen supply.

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What are the use of grass?
Grass can support human health, because it produces certain antibiotic that our body need, as what you can read from one external link below this article. Grass can also give fresh ambience around the area of our home, so that all soil around our house can be covered by grass. We can also green the front of our home with plant and grass, like in front of house fence or around pedestrian way. Everybody will like green house.

picture source; http://www.eenorthcarolina.org/images/reading_outside.jpg

Grass can cover our empty land and replace the untidy image of our house, because soil land is less interesting than grass planted land. Grass and plants also supply more oxygen in our home area, because as plant, grass also produces oxygen in photosynthesis.

Another benefit of plating grass to cover our yard, is grass can be an effective fertilizer, so we can sustain our environment by planting grass. Grass can cover the land and stop erosion, like when it is raining, grass helps the soil absorb water to the ground because rain will not flow directly to city drain, but lasted longer by grass. In this case, grass helps prevent erosion and helps water absorbed by soil. If more houses have more grass, it will reduce flood.

How to make house with grass yard?
To make grass yard, first thing to think about is where the position of it might be, when designing the house. We can put garden in front, back or at the middle of house. If our house already being built, we can think of renovating the house to have a garden.

Gardens with grass can be well combined with access to collective used rooms. It means we can put gardens near to dining room, family room, and most importantly rooms can have access (windows) to garden.

Planting grass is somehow easy and not easy, because it needs treatment. But actually grass treatment is not really difficult, just by water and give fertilizer. Grass can be bought from seller and usually sold in square meters. To plant grass is easy, just put it on a cultivated and fertilized soil. Planting grass can also be a fun family activity.

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