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Home garden, contribution to its dweller (tropical house concept)

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One of home opening to the garden that is in trend, opening with doors or big windows to the garden to give a fresh, open and wider feeling and environment.

7 September 2007 - Having a healthy house is a need in busy city that has became polluted. A healthy house can give a support for everyone in the family. Inside it, our children will get the best support in their growth. It is not recommended to build floor of a house that covers all the ground site of a house, even covering the gardens of the house. Houses of the past often built with floor that covers all the ground land, perhaps because the need to get more rooms. Now, the presence of garden has become a necessity for every home. This is because gardens in home has become more important in living in urban area that is more dense.

A house garden, whether it is in front, at the back or in the middle of the house (inner court), is an entrance for basic potentials as a condition of a healthy house. Its presence become an entrance for natural air, lighting and enhance relationship with nature. Any part of empty land can be used to connect us with the above natural potentials.

Lately, with parcel of land becoming most of land selling system, having a house at narrow land, like 8 x 10m, 7 x 13m or that such size, rooms have to be designed effectively, and sometimes there is almost no chance for garden, despite its importance.

In designing process, we ought to pay attention to air flow, natural lighting, and all benefit of garden. Even if needed, size of rooms can be reduced to create proportional garden area.

by Probo Hindarto
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