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Mosaic made of broken ceramics Bahasa Indonesia

16 February 2008 - Unused or materials that we do not use anymore may have other value. For example; broken ceramic tiles, if we use it creatively on our floor. It can create stunning mosaic. Broken ceramics may be very cheap, too, because it may be from other building that does not use it anymore or being renovated. Sometimes this ceramics also ones that are broken in the process of making or distributing. The different colors of them can be the main attraction. At the above example, the owner use broken ceramics on the balcony, And indeed, it makes the balcony more beautiful.

To install this ceramics, you will need some creativity and attention to combine colors of the broken ceramics. With the variety form of the ceramics, it gives different nuance on the balcony of this house. Just as info, ceramics used as mosaic also being used in a famous place; Park Guell in Barcelona, Spain.

In here, the architect Gaudi uses tile/ceramic mosaic with certain interesting pattern, that we can also use in our home. If we dare to 'paint' parts of our house with this mosaiz, like carport, terrace, balcony, and others. First, draw lines of patterns on paper. You can discuss it with your family and ask your children to draw fish, aeroplane, and other forms creatively, then you can 'draw' the real mosaic.

A little creativity might help. You can also ask for advice from architect or graphic designer.


by Probo Hindarto
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