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Natural ventilation Bahasa Indonesia

Tropical House Concept

To create healthy home for your family, natural ventilation is a vital element in house design, because bad air ventilation will trigger many respiratory disease. Natural ventilation is an important factor in healthy house concept. Especially in situation where air becomes more polluted this time; the health of dwellers in the family should be considered in design. Natural ventilation is needed because we have to keep our family healthy. Second reason: natural ventilation will minimize the use of electricity for Air Conditioner.

Inside a tropical house, to provide rooms with natural ventilation and natural light, the source can be from front yard, innercourt, and backyard. According to government's recomendation for simple house standard, rooms must be ventilated to natural circulation above 5 % from room's width. Windows and ventilation ought to be controllable as needed.

This picture show the yards as source of natural ventilation. From this sources, natural ventilation should be maximized for healthy house.

In traditional architecture, there has been a tradition in house design to maintain healthy houses. One example is by using ceiling to prefent heat to fall from the roof inside the house.

The picture above shows how ceiling can prevent heat from the roof. Logically, the higher the roof, the cooler the room below it can be, because heat is captured by insulation space below roof. In our traditional houses, usually there are holes to cross the hot air below roof.

Can air fans reduce heat? Yes, it helps the air moving to make our skin cooler. But the real condition is the air is still hot and is only flowing around the room. This is why it is suggested to pay attention to air temperature element.

by Probo Hindarto
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