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Of the old

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If we examine the above roof construction of the original construction graphic standard made for building standard in Netherlands during 1950s, it is very clear that the same construction method is still used until now in most local Indonesian buildings.

Art deco style applied to the facade, adding more taste to the old time building.

Sometimes, the old buildings are not well maintained, making it look rusty and dusty.

One example of commercial building built by the Dutch, a very interesting facade made of windows with big size glass panels. We can see that it looks like a restaurant in Europe, but with the tropical style roof.
Location: Toko Oen

An art deco style building, now function as a graphic design office. This building represent the influence of the style in Indonesia.

A doorway of a colonial house with its specific style, door panels made of wood, completed with locking system.

Detail of a store house, two floored. The detail is amazing. It was functioned as photography supply store.

When well preserved, an old store house can be very attractive. Because colonial houses usually use tall ceilings, the front first storey facade was vertically divided into two parts; the part of windows and doors, and the part of upper windows.

Similar building style like the above, but this one enhanced with canopy to deal with the rain. It brings the sense of 'old and new' that become one. The red color applied add its 'new' sense, also the use of glass window.

The word 'modern' is the actual nowadays spirit of the store, while perhaps the old building will bring us to history.

Pinatu kontak is a commercial clothes washing company.

A bakery store. This is another expression of the colonial building architecture. Its white wall capture the lines of dirt of dust caused by rainfall. While the canopy is from tropical addition, maybe it was added later.

A house with new function as a store, selling everyday needs. We can see the decoration at the wall, adding the aesthetic value of the building. Without the decoration, this house might look like usual house.

by Probo Hindarto
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