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St. Andrew Church

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20 nop 2006

astudio once again looking forward through a spiritual building design, a catholic church of St. Andrew. This church was built above a wide site, with a unique structure, to make a building like mountain.

This is the view of the main building with a unique structure, concrete structure.

The angle from the main entrance gate of the site. A fish pond with water continue flowing welcome us. It rejuvenate our mind while entering the site.

A sweet stair area. With place to grow vegetation.

A doorway to the stairs. Seems like there's a de ja vu with the works of Romo Mangun (a famous Catholic architect in Indonesia). We can see the arch on the wall with stones. Feels like 'what a catholic church should be like'.

A more complete view on the wall area with the arched doorway.

View to the tower made of steel frame that support a concept; pointing to the heaven.

The statue 'the cross bearer', of Saint Andrew, one of the 12 disciples of Jesus. We recognize statues used in Catholic church, not protestant ones. Can be seen here as the vocal point of the outside area of the church.

Interior of the church having an altar at the front side, altar as the highest hierarchy.

An interior area that attract us so much, with rhythmic windows and the geometrical shapes represent the 'sense' of being in a church.

Building ended with triangle shape minaret, an icon above the statue.

by Probo Hindarto
© Copyright 2008 astudio Indonesia. All rights reserved.

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