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Stairs at home

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Probo Hindarto's note: For this Saturday edition, Kontan newspaper interviewed me.

How is the need of stairs in houses considering the higher land price, people start to build vertically?

Yes, the question seems to answer itself. Houses in the future will be mostly vertically built, because of expensive land price. Stairs will be a vital element at home because its presence will take space inside small houses, that is why design concept for stairs is important. What are the types of stairs usually used in houses?

There are many kind of stairs, which function mainly as a device to go up and down stairs. Kinds of stairs becoming vary and no longer chosen by their kind, but by their shape innovation. There are stairs formed U, L, etc. There are also stairs round shaped, like in castle of Europe. There are stairs used just to go up and down stairs, like 'monkey stairs'. Stairs with aesthetic value is more favorable in home design.

Is there favorable stair design?

U and L shaped stairs are common in houses design. This kind of stairs are popular because it can be merged well with home plan that is usually square shaped. Different from round stairs, to put this kind of stair, we need special trick, like placing the stair alone in quite large room.

How is the stair trend?

Stairs that are in trend is one that is in modern design. Simple stair doesn't mean just stair, material used for stair can be very interesting and becoming the most interesting part of a stair, like wooden stair, stair with rock surface, or special tiles with textures.

What are the materials used for stairs?

Many kinds. For stair construction, it is common to use concrete, because the construction can be easily combined with concrete construction used in houses. Beside this, there are stairs made of wood construction, steel construction, etc. Stair surface can be finished with ceramics, wood, even glass, or being let 'naked' with exposed concrete.

How to choose material and kind of stair that fit our home?

First we have to see the construction, what construction we use and what is the most suitable construction for the stairs, is it reinforced concrete, wood, steel or others. Combine this with material that you use for your home. Is your home mostly build with wood construction? or reinforced concrete?

Then it's time to choose what kind of stair is the most suitable, whether it is U or L shaped, or round one. Put the stair in the most reachable area of the house.

See also from aesthetic side of the stair, what kind of finishing material is the best for it? Stairs can be covered with ceramics, wood and other materials. Is it match if the stair covered with wood? or ceramics? or ceramics with wooden texture?

Take also consideration on the style of our house. Classical style stairs will not be appropriate for modern home design.

What is the most suitable stair design for modern home design?

Stair for modern home design usually simple, for example from reinforced concrete without ornaments. The stair is designed in simple and strong form. It has contribution to the whole room aesthetic, because of lines of the stair railing, stair borders which are made of steel or wood may add the beauty of a room. Do not force ornamented stair to modern designed house.

What about stairs with feng shui design?

People who believe Feng Shui usually ask their stairs to be designed with special calculation, special direction, place, etc and other consideration regarding room doors, etc. For they who do not believe in Feng Shui, will not be a matter.

Where to put the stair inside the house?

Stairs usually placed in a easy to reach area in the house. That is why stairs mostly placed in family room area. Stairs also placed beside the front door. There are stairs placed in special area like service area, washing area, etc. Basically, stairs must fulfill the need of the occupants, size of the house. Wider houses will need more stairs, use stairs every 50 feet. At bigger houses, more than two stairs might be needed.

What is to be paid attention when deciding where to place stairs?

Of course access. Place stairs at easy to reach place or corner, to maximize the use. A stair has to be functioning well when there is catastrophe happening, like earthquake, fire, even tsunami. Use easily used stairs with non slippery material.

by Probo Hindarto
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