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The sweet corner workroom

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metric free interior design; working room
in metric

Free Interior design

Imperial US unit: free interior design; working room
in Imperial US units
Picture: plan of the workroom. Simple, elegant, and sweet.

free interior design; working room - perspective
The perspective of the room from top.

free interior design; working room - perspective
Perspective of the workroom, with accesories

  • suggestion on
    • colors
      Use fresh color like yellow green
    • ceiling height
      Suggestion for ceiling height: 3,5m - 4m
  • Material suggestions for all surfaces and structures.
    Walls: white latex paint. Yellow green
    Floor: Use pale brown tiles or white ones
    Lighting: Downlight in gypsum ceiling, overall lighting, table lamp. You can also use pendant fitting from ceiling.
    Furniture: Brown working table set unit with storages, painted in brown color or use natural dark wood furnished surface.
    Accessories: Computers, chairs suitable for working, books, writing utilities, etc.
  • Keep the room tidy by using storage efficiently and diligent. Always keep your desk clean and tidy after working.
by Probo Hindarto
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