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Tetaring Kayumanis Resto, transparency through lines of bamboo

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by Ade Yudirianto
English version by Probo Hindarto

The Tetaring Kayumanis Restaurant is located in Bali, an expression of transparency through lines of bamboo. The restaurant designed by Budi Pradono is a well must visit place in Bali. Many tourists visit this restaurant because of the romantic ambience inside. At least there are two important materials used in this building; bamboo and clay.

Tetaring Kayumanis Restaurant is one part of a hotel complex in Kayumanis Bali. There are several groups of architects designed the area. Budi Pradono had the assignment of designing this restaurant. The experience of working in Kengo Kuma Architect has an influence to this architect, for there is a similarity of this restaurant with the bamboo house designed by Kengo Kuma.

This resto has 2 important elements as the eyecatcher, which are bamboo and clay. Bamboo is used as the facade of the restaurant, which is standing on a pool supported with steel structure. The main structure of the building uses steel, creating a 'cold' sense of space, and the bamboo act as a warmer as well as local identity. Meanwhile clay is used in the tunnel ramp, the entrance of the resto. The clay that become the finishing of the building looks fragile and cold when it's touched.

The bamboo used in this restaurant building is not a mere kind of bamboo. The size and dimension is almost the same, straight with bright shine and color because of special treatment. There are many ways to preserve bamboo like giving special chemicals such as borax. It is not clear with what method these bamboo are preserved and finished to achieve such a high quality. In the facade the bamboo are sliced in two, so it will be thin enough to be attached to each other with acrylic. At the back side of the bamboo wall there are glass walls used as the building screen. Each 1 meter of the glass wall is strenghtened by glass too. This is because it is frameless.

Generally, bamboo is the main attraction of the building. The main structure made of steel is painted in black, resulting the the shiny gold color of bamboo to arise stronger than the steel.

Copyright, text and picture by
Ade Yudirianto (sa98)
Dibya Kusyala
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This restaurant building is a commercial building that received Cityscape international awards. Budi Pradono is well known with an interesting architecture concept, which is secondary skin and the material exploration. Secondary skin that was popularized (in Indonesia) by him refer to the use of building 'clothes' as well as human clothes that respond to several climate problems.

Secondary skin can also be recognized in the concept of the building that use bamboo material as the secondary skin for this building, with bamboo outside glass. Bamboo is lined in groups to block the sunshine into the building. It might be similar with being under the shadow of a tree.

Building with bamboo mentioned in this article is one building with a new side continuing the tradition of bamboo use, that rises bamboo into modern context. There should be needed a good maintenance for this kind of bamboo use.


by Probo Hindarto
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