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Warmness inside an interior design with warm colors

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15 Oktober 2007 - Warmness inside our home is not only shown from the merry and happiness of each member of the family, but also from how the home 'feel', especially in its interior design. Warm colors do not only trigger a warm and cozy feeling, but also bring some comfort in our mind, for instance, when we are talking to someone inside the room.

These warm colors often used for cafes where warm ambience is brought into the interior design, that may bring nice feeling to the visitors. This is known from long time as the impact of colors, material colors and other colors of furniture inside a home.

We can create many things from this pallet to get warm interior room. Why? Because basically these colors have has the warm expression. As we know, red, to yellow is often associated with the warmness of sunlight, fire, candles, and other warm entities.

But do not forget that these kinds of colors need special design, because basically they already attract our attention. We have to pastel the colors or darken them, or just use one of the color on a single wall.

Writing by Probo Hindarto,
Photo by Jeinny Solis S
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